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Borgo Gaia Sabina


The Sabina, easily reachable by motorway A1 from Rome in only 45 minutes, is an area without industry. For as far as the eyes can see there are olive groves, vineyards and sheeps grazing the meadows. The Sabina hills are the foothills of the Apennines, with a height of up to 1200 meters. The villages stem from medieval times, each village having its own castle. Borgo Gaia Sabina is situated in the countryside of the town of Roccantica, an extraordinary example of medieval architecture on top of a hill. This little village with only 632 inhabitants is famous for its typical Italian festivities. It is said that Roccantica was an outpost for the Pope, which explains its fortress-like structure.

Everybody knows the story of Romulus, who, after killing his twin brother Remus wanted to celebrate the foundation of the new city Rome. Legend has it that the women of the Sabina were lured into Rome and then kidnapped in order to solve the shortage of women in the new city. Many an artist has used this scene as inspiration for famous works of art. The local wine, white and red, is still called ‘Ratte delle Sabine’.

The major town in the area is Poggio Mirteto with lots of shops and a train station. From here a train takes you into the heart of Rome within 45 minutes. Parking at the station is free. Every Friday there is a lively market in the centre of town where tourists and Italians meet for coffee and an aperitivo.

Besides Poggio Mirteto and the smaller villages one can visit the monastery of Vescovio (20 min) or the oldest abbey of the Benedictine order in Farfa.